Buyer Services

Our closing officers are experts in providing exceptional service to help your real estate transaction close smoothly. Perform a title search and examination that will provide the basis for the title insurance policies issued to you and your lender.
      • Serve as liaison to all parties including you mortgage lender, real estate agent, municipal authorities and any others who may be involved in your real estate purchase.
      • Provide escrow services and prepare the closing statement of your actual closing costs.
      • Conduct the closing where the sellers will sign the deed and other documents necessary to convey title and the buyers will sign their mortgage papers and pay closing costs plus the balance of any down payment due.
      • The one-time title insurance premium, which is a state filed rate, is paid at closing and will provide protection to you for as long as you or your heirs own the property.
      • Record your new deed in the courthouse, after settlement, disburse all funds and relevant documentation to the proper parties and issue your new title insurance policy. 

Seller Services

Our team will reach out to you and your agent to get contact information for requesting documents a seller is required to provide as part of the Title Insurance process. Examples can include HOA or Condo Association verifications, Mortgage or Judgment Payoffs, Agent Commissions and Fees, Social Security numbers, and potentially other documents. For your safety, we have a secure portal for uploading your personal information needed prior to closing.
We also guide sellers through the real estate transaction, including: 
      • The preparation of all the necessary documentation for the closing
      • Diligently performing a title search to ensure there are no issues with the title
      • Assisting in lien negotiation
      • Review and validate the details of the sales contract on the property
      • Protect the escrow accounting, holding the earnest (good faith) money – as well as eventually all the monies to purchase the home
      • Coordinating the closing between all parties

Investor Services

We provide the knowledge needed to protect your investment for the right price. If you have a single property or a portfolio of investments, we know what you need. Our team has both commercial and residential experience, including the following transactions: 
      • REO
      • Wholesale 
      • 1031 Tax Transfers
      • Assignment transactions 
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