Buying a home can be stressful and overwhelming.  To help you understand the process here are the steps involved from purchase to closing.  While each transaction is different, we hope this helps you understand who does what and when.


Determine price range. Who’s Involved:  Buyer, Agents, Lender
Get a signed and ratified contract. Who’s Involved: Buyer, Seller, Agents
Order title and finalize loan product. Who’s Involved: Buyer, Agent, Lender
Receive first contact from HomeSale Settlement Services for information needed from all parties. Who’s Involved: Buyer, Seller, Agents, Lender, Title
Verify all financial connections to the property. Who’s Involved: Title, Seller, Agents, Lender, Payoff Mortgage Company(s), HOA/Condo, City/County Services, Water/Trash Departments, Judgments. If seller does not have clear title, this is when we let all parties know what is needed to give clear title to the Buyer.s
Clear Title Report provided. Who’s Involved: Title, Lender, Buyer, Agents
Closing Disclosure Produced. Who’s Involved: Lender, Title, Agents. By law, this must be provided at least 3 days prior to closing. This is the last chance for your Agents to provide any additional information i.e. commissions, invoices, etc., prior to closing.
Receive a Clear to Close. Who’s Involved: All Parties, final time, date & location of closing determined.
Title Company to Collect funds needed to close for all parties. Who’s Involved: Title, Lender, Buyer, Seller All funds for closing are delivered to HomeSale Settlement Services by Wire. This is to ensure funds are in our accounts prior to signing.
Closing. All parties meet to sign the final documents. Who’s Involved: Buyers, Sellers, Agents, Title Agent.
Recording & Funding. Who’s Involved: Title company sends all documents to the city/county for recording and disburse funds to parties on the final settlement statement.
Final Documents sent out. Who’s Involved: Title company receives back the recorded documents from the county. They then produce your Final Title Policy(s) and deliver documents to Buyer.
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